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Small Business 101

with Brianna Waltman

$45 More Info

Learn basic elements needed to establish a small business and maintain it, marketing tips & strategies, community involvement projects, social media management, cost of doing business, insurance, loans, investments, ethical business practices, client management & more!

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Social Square Dancing

with Bob Brown


Next session: February 1st to April 19th, 2023

$60 More Info

Learn to square dancing in just 12 easy lessons. For beginners and all levels. Bring your spouse, significant other or friend and spend a couple hours in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere having a lot of fun and learning one of America’s greatest pastimes.

This class is $60 per person

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The Narcissists Among Us

with Donna Accettullo


Next session: February 2nd, 2023

$11 More Info

Narcissists are everywhere! They may be our friends, family members, romantic partners, or co-workers. They will undermine your confidence, and wreak havoc on your health, career, friendships or finances. We will examine the 7 types of narcissists, their patterns of behavior, and the tactics they use. We will also look at the characteristics of the people they target, and the signs and symptoms of narcissistic abuse. You will have the information you need to spot narcissists quickly and avoid them, or strategies to cope with them in situations where you can’t.

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Dental Assisting

with Academy of Medical Professions


Next session: February 6th to June 19th, 2023

$2,900 More Info

This is a 10-week All-inclusive program designed to enable you to be job-ready in a career in Dental Assisting.  According to the Labor Department, there should be more than 91,000 openings for dental assistants up to the year 2020.  That amounts to more than 30% employment growth, which is much faster than the average for all professions.  The need for so many more dental assistants is easy to cipher:  A large aging population intensifies the demand for quality healthcare and qualified practitioners.

Online and Live classes Mondays 6-8 PM, 10 weeks, with a 1-day lab at a dental office. For more information and to register click here:



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Intro to Drawing

with Obrianna Cornelius


Next session: February 6th to March 13th, 2023

$97 More Info

Beginner/Intermediate Anyone can draw! In 6 weeks will cover the basics of drawing and give you the tools to create lifelike drawings of everything around you! Each class we will cover one essential drawing skill. How to hold the pencil like an artist, how to simplify and draw any shape, proportions, shading and values. At the end of each lesson you’ll be given homework designed to build your drawing skills. So grab your sketchbook and pencils and dive on in!

**Materials List: Artist pencils (small set), Mechanical Pencil, 8x10 or 9x12 Sketchbook, Kneaded Eraser, Hard Eraser (often white or pink), Colored Pencils (small set), Bag or box to carry everything in Optional: Micron pens, markers, and anything else you like to create with.