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This course provides an introduction to key topics in accounting and finance for those involved in new ventures. It reviews financial accounting basics, including GAAP Principles and financial statements, and also covers key issues in finance, broadly defined as any financial or monetary activity that involves a company.

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Nice Girls Finish Rich! A Financial Literacy Seminar for Women

with Donna Accettullo


Next session: March 2nd, 2023

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If you think money management is too complex, too boring or takes too much time, this course will change your mind! Donna will share the lessons learned on her own journey from cash-strapped single mom to worry-free early retirement. Anyone can follow this plan! In this entertaining course, she will demystify everything from budgeting to investing, 401k’s and Social Security, and everything in between. We will also look at apps and websites that can help. You will gain the tools and information you need to create a more secure today and more abundant tomorrow.

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Business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and requirements and designing and executing solutions to business problems. This introductory course provides a wide-ranging overview of the principles and concepts of business analysis, with a focus on the following six areas: needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, requirements tracing and monitoring, and solution evaluation. This course covers the common stages of a business analysis project and describes common terminology and tools and techniques utilized by a business analyst. It provides subject matter expert testimony by business analysis practitioners on important topics related to successfully completing business analysis activities. This course also considers the place of business analysis and product development life cycles within the greater scheme of project life cycle management. While this course is not officially or directly aligned as an exam prep course, it contains sufficient content that can be used as a resource for individuals preparing for the PMI-PBA or IIBA-CBAP certification exams, containing over 170 questions.

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Strength and balance for Seniors

with Michelle Spencer


Next session: May 1st to June 5th, 2023

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In this 6-week class, we’ll reach balanced wellness by working on strengthening and stretching the muscles, preventing falls, improving cardiovascular and bone density health.

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Banking Today

with Mind Edge

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Financial institutions are unlike any other business. To someone new to the world of banking, it can seem puzzling. However, financial institutions play a key role in maintaining thriving communities and economies. The welfare of the nation depends on the banking industry. In this course, learners will examine types of banking, customer groups, the business of banking, and the role of banks in a community.

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