Welcome Back! Welcome spring, welcome students, welcome all!

We’ve missed all of you…we’re trying to have a few Enrichment classes in person as well as a few Academic classes on site. However if you are uncomfortable with very small group settings, still socially distancing, you have the option of working primarily at home. Initial assessments and final testing are best  one-on-one by appointment.

So, tell me, what are your academic goals?

* Do you need or want to finish your high school diploma?

* Do you need some training for a new job?

* Are you thinking about going to college and do you need some help to get ready?

We’re still here for YOU. And, yes, we’re open! As long as we can, our doors will be open for YOU to achieve YOUR academic goals. It is never to late to start!

Suzanne Nowinski
Adult Education Director

P.S. Don’t forget to wear your mask when you come in to register or for any of our classes.,

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