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GENERATION Y, the largest generation in human history, has never known a time when there was not a World Wide Web!
*There are 600 million active users (50% use it every day)
*Users spend 700 billion minutes per month! (10% total time spent online by U.S. Web users)
*There are over 623,000 accounts in Maine
*355,000 are 35+
*the fastest growing group are those who are 55+
 Like A Box Of Crayons...

Colors impact the mind and the body.  The following guidelines could be helpful for classroom and study spaces. 

  • Blue - Studying, thinking, concentrating  
  • Purple - Tranquilizing, good for appetite control
  • Pink - Restful, calming
  • White - Disrupting 
  • Red - Creative thinking, short-term energy boosts
  • Green - Productivity, long-term energy 
  • Light Colors, Pastels - Minimum disruption across all moods/activities
  • Yellow, Orange, Coral - Physical work, exercising, positive moods 

Posted by Barbara Basford  on March 29th 2010



Swell Smells

 Smell is the only sense that has a direct connection to the limbic system. Scents can be used to keep alert and may help to embed memory.  Some scents include:

  • Lavender - reduce stress
  • Lemon - induce a positive mood
  • Peppermint - refresh and invigorate
  • Apple - relaxes brain waves and reduces blood pressure
  • Vanilla - relaxes and soothes

    Posted by Barbara Basford  on March 23rd 2010



A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is critical for the brain to process learning and to rearrange neural circuitry.  The lack of sleep negatively impacts thinking, creativity, and long-term memory.  Although there is no set amount of time that fits everyone, all people need adequate deep sleep.

 Posted by Barbara Basford  on March 16th 2010



The Wonders of Water 

The brain is approximately 80% water.  Students become restless and have scattered attention when they are mildly dehydrated; slow and lethargic when severely dehydrated.  Drinking plenty of water improves brain functioning and overall health. 

 Posted by Barbara Basford  on March 10th 2010



Clear the Air

Better quality air, which includes more oxygen and less carbon dioxide, has been linked to improved mental functioning.  Green leaf and flowering plants cleanse the air.  Avoid pollutants and strong fragrances.

 Posted by Barbara Basford  on March 1st 2010



Light It Right

Natural light and full spectrum lights that simulate natural light are connected with missing fewer school school or work days and a more positive attitude.  Flourescent lights may cause eyestrain and anxiety.


Posted by Barbara Basford  on February 22nd 2010










Posted by Mary Jane Gilman  on April 15, 2010 | Read more in: Did You Know


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